It's been awhile since I've brought you anything new, welcome to the future.
Still putting some things together but 2017, we're gonna be making some nose.

Welcome to the Layton Nation
New Music, New Poetry, a brand NuMe
Moments Of Now.

It don’t matter about now
or what really happened, I'm tried of the scrapes I’m done with
trapping, done with the silky thighs in my eyes, no more laughing, evil deeds in the
dark, cold heart no magic, reality brings the light, rings in tragic, see through
, my whole
world was plastic, single mom, born to run born a bastard, hand in everything nothing  
I’ve mastered, standing still while I feel life moving faster, promises made, promises
broken, now is now no after, I can’t see you no more I’m looking right past you….

Moments of now needing to see how, moments of now, true to myself no lies allowed,
moments of now, a promise is a vow, these are real moments, these are moments of now….

Even if, slow moving faded as swift, lost in emotions true devotion life is a gift, another
, time is time but mine needs a lift, at my low point you decide to switch, I can’t
blame you though
, but I won’t name your show, hell is a reality and it ain’t below, should
I be strapped for action
, the real of this is I should let it go, knowing don’t mean you
know, what you feel should never be what you show, your flame will keep burning, even
when your road keeps turning, this is life, this is the flow…..

When feelings are suspect, the realness turns to neglect, then rejection, sex is just sex no
affection, nothing face to face misery is mistaken for bliss, not seeing now just the moment
s we miss, we’ve come along way how did we get here, how did life come to this, a dream
is just a dream my Genie didn’t grant my wish, I can understand your intentions jus
t not your twist, your words and actions aren’t the same your game is short of legit,
beyond blame, but this pain you bring I’ll never forget….

Dealing with these demons, nothing but drama, dealings with no reasons, theses
demons keep me wanting, answers to questions that have no meaning, these demons,
so what’s there to worry about, street teaming, everything is seeming, to be about these
demons, evil feigning constant battle with these demons, these demons….

more drama trauma by the moment, guns everywhere hate in the air, your obvious
objection is because you don’t care, I’m stuck, locked in a battle in a system corrupt,
unfair oh no you didn’t take it there, it’s not about being dramatical or is it the flair,
how many friends or what information you share, to busy being right to know you
should beware, threats aside look what happens when dreams collide, hope is denied, I
have few choices and no way to decide, all lives matter but we need more, every action
leads to reaction why does that action have to be war…

cold as I explore my faults I’ve been here before locked in emotional doubt, not being
about a method to survive I arrive at decisions even I can’t figure out, still with
perversions, I’m left nervous needing precession reserved for a surgeon, why then do
you analyze my sins, broadcast my flaws, change laws making the game harder to win,
cap my dividends close your eyes pretend to be a friend, waiting for the evil in people
to be equal, rewrite the sequel, or was it hope for hope when nothing will keep you,
safe from your fears, crying aloud yet I see no tears, needing more decades, why then
do you offer years, understanding the real in this is the only way to see clear….

Dealing with these demons, reality with no reasons, these demons standing tall still
leaning, these demons will keep you feigning, these demons a fantasy with no meaning,
I’m trapped with these demons….

That last page of the last chapter, puffing for dreams just to be hustling backwards,
struggling to see who I’m standing after, I need now not next worrying won’t make
time move faster, pains not unique it’s something we’ve all been through, watch what
you do, careful of who you stand next to, blues and bad news will be all about you,
what you meant is not mention in the blast, what you’re up against is intense suspense
founded by pretense, trying to relive moments you haven’t seen since, your sober mind
left you lost in a different time turns out I was standing in the wrong line, living a
different movie, forgiving a script that my life’s not improving, damn Layton what is it
you’re doing, better choices we’re needing or is it a better choices we’re choosing….

That mythical mystic a false reality I was needing a lady but found a freak, losing is
not my only streak, the lust of a woman left me mentally weak, one stop one shop, still
I feel complete
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